Why and When Should I Outsource – A Detailed Analysis

Kudos to Outsourcing

Is outsourcing good for us? Should we outsource at all? Of course, yes! There’s nothing inherently wrong with the concept itself! Just have a look:

I don’t have space in my house to grow vegetables, and I can’t buy a house with a large kitchen garden, so, I outsource them from my nearest vendor.

I can do my dishes and my laundry, but I find it too energy-sapping and time-consuming, so, I’ve hired someone who would save my time.

So, what do I do with so much of saved time? I write…which is in fact, my core competency!

And that’s exactly the point I want to make. Same logical sense applies to your business. If you don’t have enough capital or resources or if you want to save some recurrent costs and focus your time and money on your core competencies, you would outsource. More or less, every business out sources to sustain and to grow.
Outsourcing has today evolved into a preferred business practice for managers to use as a bridge to circumvent business problems, as a handy tool to focus on core issues and as a launch pad to enable businesses to register higher growth rates.

Advantages of Outsourcing

Outsourcing enables cost cutting and savings Philippines 
Outsourcing enables you to meet deadlines sans stress
Outsourcing enables you to avail of world-class expertise and provide a better quality to your customers
Outsourcing enables you to offload the non-core and non-differentiating allied activities in your business and lets you to focus on more important functions….
Outsourcing enables you to gain a competitive edge over your rivals
Outsourcing helps you to innovate while you contract out the repetitive standardized processes
Outsourcing enables you to quickly respond to the changing market equations
Outsourcing enables you to function as a compact, coherent and streamlined business
Outsourcing enables quick expansion or upgrade in business, allowing you to take more orders
Outsourcing enables you to ward off risks
Outsourcing enables you to transform a process and remove any inefficiency
Outsourcing speeds up your pace towards your long-term business goals

In fact, outsourcing to a cheaper developing country like India, where you are spoilt with choices, with abundant talent in various fields and a vast English speaking population, will only add on to the general benefits of outsourcing. No Wonder, India alone accounts for 40% of the world’s outsourced IT projects.

When to Outsource?

How to figure out whether Outsourcing or more specifically, off shoring, is the answer to the problems you are facing in business? And even if you are not facing much of a problem yet, How to decide if you should opt for it for the sake of cost cutting and other benefits of off shoring? You should definitely consider outsourcing/off shoring seriously if one or more of the following scenarios sound like a description of situations in your own business venture:

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